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Andrei Nikolaevich GURTSEVICH


Андрей Николаевич ГУРЦЕВИЧ; Андрэй Мікалаевіч ГУРЦЕВИЧ; Andrei Mikalaevich GURTSEVICH; Andrej Nikolajevitj GURTSEVITJ; Andrej Mikalajevitj HURTSEVITJ


Chief of the Main Staff, \nFirst Deputy Commander \nof the Air Force





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['3270771C016PB2 (other-Other identification number) (Personal identification)' 'MP3849920 (passport-National passport) ']

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In his position as Chief of the Main Staff and First Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of the Armed Forces, Andrei Gurtsevich is responsible for the decision taken by the Command of the Air Forces and Air Defence Forces, on Lukashenka's instructions, to dispatch military aircraft to escort the forced landing of passenger flig...

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(Date of UN designation: 2021-06-21)

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Restrictive measures in view of the situation in Belarus and the involvement of Belarus in the Russian aggression against Ukraine


EU country specific

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Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available, Restrictions on admission

Sanctions Portfolio

- All assets of the listed persons and entities should be frozen. It is also prohibited to make any funds or assets directly or indirectly available to them. - Member States shall enforce travel restrictions on persons listed in the Annex of Council Decision 2012/642/CFSP.

Official Information

The Council of the EU first adopted restrictive measures against certain officials of Belarus on 24 September 2004. Targeted measures were imposed against persons who are considered by the Pourgourides Report to be key actors in the unresolved disappearances of four well-known persons in Belarus in 1999-2000. Additional listings were introduced fol...

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