How it works

Sanctions are becoming an essential instrument in the foreign policy toolkit of the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Since russian aggressive war outbreak in February 2022, the number of sanctions has doubled already.

The forthcoming shifts in global policy, new UK foreign initiatives, US-China tensions, and joint international response to the Russian war show that sanctions will play an even more significant role in foreign relations. They have already affected businesses and entrepreneurs who must quickly adjust their foreign deals to new realities.

Sanctions Finder is a half-automated aggregator of sanctions' consolidated lists published by the US OFAC, UK OFSI, and Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services, and Capital Markets Union EU. Sanctions Finder displays the latest sanctions updates. However, certain jurisdictions provide incomplete consolidated lists. Given that the Sanctions Finder team manually adds sanctions designations from legal decisions which are not included in official consolidated databases, it makes our service a unique product that has no analogs to provide you with all the data in one place.

Sanctions Finder applies fuzzy logic search allowing the user to seek potential matches. We search for the sanctions designations at your fingertips. Do not be afraid to miss the spelling if you transliterate the name as our tool helps you to find the closest matches. We ours sanctions tinder.

What Sanction Finder offers:

  • unique search: the largest unified sanctions dataset from the key jurisdictions
  • best analysis: our team is glad to help with the sanctions trends and connections between designated companies and persons
  • timely notifications: you will always be informed if we detect new sanctions related to your business

Sanctions Finder screens day-to-day official sanctions sources and keeps the list updated as it goes active. We use many filters which help you to make your search smooth and simple. You can save sanctions designations if necessary. The subscription is available for the users who continually work on international markets or others concerned.

Sanctions Finder uses the data:

  • OFAC Data
  • EU Data
  • UK Data