About us

Sanctions Finder helps your company or organization to make compliance checks easy and in one click. Tracking the sanctions in various jurisdictions is going to be more sophisticated as the scale of the restrictive measures is continuously expanding. With the support of Sanctions Finder, you can handle the problems stem from limitations and prohibitions prescribed under the sanctions. We provide you with up-to-date information about the most recent sanctions programs in the US, UK, and European Union (more jurisdictions are coming soon).

Our friendly environment is specifically created for those who are interested in the sanctions but unable to spend months analyzing how the system works. We are keenly devoted to open data and good governance. Building a bridge between the voluminous number of sanctions and the needs of businesses to comply with them is the global aim we pursue. Sanctions Finder is an essential tool in the foreign policy arsenal of many governments. The current trends in international trade and relations show the increasing role of sanctions. As we are entering more turbulent periods as stronger these trends will be.

Our platform helps businesses to mitigate risks of non-compliance with the sanctions programs. We are open to supporting NGO practitioners and members of academia to carry out their research and investigations with the most recent sanctions dossiers. Sanctions Finder is a suitable place for journalists to follow up on different sanctions decisions taken by the domestic authorities. Our mission is to bring prosperity and cultivate a culture of good governance by properly managing open data. To this end, we advise governments and international organizations on sanctions design and data processing of these restrictive measures.

Sanctions Finder is not simply a data aggregator which blindly copies all amounts of the data from the US, UK, or EU sanctions lists. We maintain specific protocols and algorithms to evaluate and further incorporate the data which has legal effect and can be distributed in a readable format for our end-user. We make many efforts to supplement the data extracted from official registers with additional information from the legal decisions of the respective bodies. In so doing, we allow our customers to get more bulk data on sanctions than anywhere else. Using Sanctions Finder you can save time and resources while also reducing the likelihood of human error. We allow users to adjust a set of criteria and limit sanctions screening to the targeted audience.

We are a single product on the market that grants access to the description of all sectoral sanctions programs, which only can be found on official governmental websites. The members of the Sanctions Finder team have an in-depth understanding of sanctions procedures and regulations. We hold regular consultations with different EU and US authorities about sanctions design and improvement of sanctions mechanisms from the data perspective. Our team is permanently engaged in expert discussions, and panel talks about sanctions. We do our best to incorporate the latest uptakes from the sanctions field into the Sanctions Finder.
Stay compliant and secure with your personal sanctions assistant.