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Ahmed Ali Abdullah SALEH


Ahmed Ali Abdullah Al-Ahmar


Yemen' 'United Arab Emirates




United Arab Emirates

Reg. ID

["06070777 (passport-National passport) (name on doc. 'Ahmed Ali Abdullah Al-Ahmar') (on 2014-12-03)" "02117777 (passport-National passport) (name on doc. 'Ahmed Ali Abdullah Al-Ahmar') (on 2005-11-08)" "31/2013/20/003140 (other-Other identification number) (name on doc. 'Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh') (issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 2013-0...

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Official reason

Ahmed Ali Saleh has been working to undermine President Hadi's authority, thwart Hadi's attempts to reform the military, and hinder Yemen's peaceful transition to democracy. Saleh played a key role in facilitating the Houthi military expansion. As of mid-February 2013, Ahmed Ali Saleh had issued thousands of new rifles to Republican Guard brigades ...

Other Information

(Date of UN designation: 2015-04-14)\n(Designation details: Date of UN designation: 14.4.2015.)\n(Ahmed Saleh is the son of the former President of the Republic of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.)

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Restrictive measures in view of the situation in Yemen



Target State



Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available, Restrictions on admission

Sanctions Portfolio

- All assets of the listed persons and entities should be frozen. It is also prohibited to make any funds or assets directly or indirectly available to them. - Member States shall enforce travel restrictions on persons listed in the Annex of Council Decision 2014/932/CFSP.

Official Information

On 26 February 2014, in view of the ongoing violence, terrorist activities and political, security, economic and humanitarian challenges in Yemen, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2140 (2014), where it reaffirmed its commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen, and established travel restrictions ...

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