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Haji Zar Jamil, Haji Abdul Baseer Money Changer


Haji Basir and Zarjamil Currency Exchange; Haji Abdul Basir Exchange Shop; Haji Baseer Hawala; Haji Basir Hawala; Haji Abdul Basir and Zar Jameel Hawala; Haji Bashir and Zarjmil Hawala Company; Haji Basir and Zarjmil Company Hawala


['Branch Office 1 Sanatan (variant Sanatin) Bazaar, Sanatan Bazaar Street, near Trench (variant Tranch) Road, Chaman, Pakistan, (Branch Office 1)' 'Iran, Islamic Republic of, (Branch Office 11)' 'Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (Branch Office 10)' 'Afghanistan, (Branch Office 9)' 'Afghanistan, (Branch Office 8)' 'Afghanistan, (Branch Office 7)' 'I...

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The Haji Basir and Zarjmil Company Hawala was listed on 27 March 2015 pursuant to paragraph 2 of Resolution 2160 (2014) for ‘participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of’ and ‘otherwise supporting acts or activities ...

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(Date of UN designation: 2015-03-27)\n(Money service provider.\nOwned by Abdul Basir Noorzai.\nINTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link:

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Restrictive measures imposed with respect to the Taliban



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Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available, Restrictions on admission

Sanctions Portfolio

- All assets of the listed persons and entities should be frozen. It is also prohibited to make any funds or assets directly or indirectly available to them. - Member States shall enforce travel restrictions on persons listed in the Annex of Council Decision 2011/486/CFSP.

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The measures were initially imposed on 15 October 1999. On 17 June 2011, the United Nations' Security Council adopted resolutions 1988 (2011) and 1989 (2011) and decided that the list of individuals and entities subject to restrictive measures originally imposed by resolution 1267 (1999) would be split in two. The original resolution 1267 (1999) co...

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